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Overmont 5-in-1 Set, 1 Yoga Wheel for Back Pain- 13x 5in, 2 EVA Foam Yoga Blocks with Strap, 1 Extend Ring Premium Back Roller for Dharma Yoga Pose Backbend Stretching Pilates Meditation 8

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Vision Crystal Edition Gem-Water Bottle

In the natural healing arts, this blend of noble shungite and clear quartz protects, calms, and boosts the immune system. It is also said to bring harmony to your nerves and alleviate pain.

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As Within Yoga Retreat

As Within Yoga Retreat
Daily yoga sessions, sound healing, and meditation. Healthy and nutritious meals within organic ingredients. Vegan & vegetarian options available
Various Packages
Bookings start from 2021
Run your own Retreat
Bring your group to our yoga haven in Dominica

Practice yoga in a rejuvenating and healing environment, the "nature Isle"