Nutrition: tips for a new decade

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Nutrition: Tips for a new decade As each new year comes and goes,  society experiences an ever-changing list of trends. From fashion to gadgets or even a toy (remember the fidget spinner?) that dominates the market, there are trends for almost everything. It is certainly no different when it comes to food and nutrition. According […]

Yoga for pain

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Yoga for pain relief It’s a well-known fact that yoga can be used for pain relief. Although traditionally a profoundly spiritual practice, yoga has helped relieve many people from ailments such as sore backs, knees, and shoulders.  The immense benefits of yoga are, therefore, no longer a secret and allow most people to find relief […]

mindful fitness

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Mindful Fitness – A Wellness Perspective We have all seen the reels of slim, toned and tanned goddesses on our social media feed. There is no denying we are living in the modern age where body image pressure from mass media is causing a body-shaming pandemic.  Spiralling from destructive negative self-talk that lowers our self-esteem, […]