Creating your own affirmations or mantras is a fantastic way to reclaim your own power and create the life you really want. So , how does it really work? and is there any evidence.

Well if we look at some of the most successful people, business creators and even those individuals we all know, who just seem to be  ‘lucky’, All THE TIME. Have you noticed one simple fact about all of them. No, it’s not the size of their bank balance. They all proclaimed victory ahead of actually achieving victory. Their self belief was not just a mental exercise, it was also a verbal one.


The process of changing your life and creating a happier and more fulfilled existence may seem like an enormous challenge. But it doesn’t have to be.  We as human beings actually have all the tools within us to create the life we want. 

Through belief and some simple adjustments to your daily routine, you can train your subconscious mind to accept a new paradigm and bring your affirmations into reality.

Over the years many descriptions have been placed on this almost mystical phenomenon of creation, such as setting intention, law of attraction,  the thinking stuff and prayer. Essentially it all boils down to some very simple yet powerful techniques. turning you into a creator.


What is an affirmation

Affirmations are affirming sentences that you speak out loud to yourself. Some people speak their affirmations as part of a  morning/evening routine. It really all depends on your schedule and what works and feels comfortable for you. Its important you do practice though, at least twice a day to begin with.

Remember your affirmations do not have to be true right at this moment. You have to believe what you want is already here and you are simply affirming this to yourself.

You are speaking positive power into your life and this is just the first step towards achieving the life you really want.  

You begin to feel empowered, and confident. Speak from the heart as you say affirmation. As you develop your own style of affirming to yourself, and watch for evidence as things begin to materialise.

How do I create my own affirmations

Repeating I am affirmations create personal instructions for your subconscious to work with and resonates with universal energy and setting intentions

Start with these 5 affirmations twice a day

  • I am the creator of my life
  • I am capable of succeeding
  • I am energetic, strong and resilient
  • I am living abundantly in joy and happiness
  • I am content and at peace with myself and the world around me.


Now, you can see these are not technical terms and you don’t have to recite them in any special way, unless you want to (e.g. facing a mirror, close your eyes). However the words should resonate within you so breathing deeply and consciously before you begin will calm your body and prepare you. Always speak from your heart. You have been provided with some example affirmations, but affirmations work best when they are personal to you are your life situation so spend some time soul searching through meditation and/or quiet reflective thought if need be.

How long before I see results?

A major part of receiving what we want in our lives, depends heavily on what we believe and how we act on those beliefs. As humans we tend to get in the way of ourselves by overthinking, worrying and wanting life to change as fast as possible.  So as you bring positive affirmation into your daily routine it is important to be aware you are not getting in the way, there is no room for doubts of any kind.

 You are setting energy in motion, things take time to develop and grow so don’t hold any resolute expectations. Have faith all your needs are taken care of.

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