About Us

The As Within concept of well being from the inside out focuses on the alignment of spirit, mind      and body throughout the various phases  and of aspects our lives.

Developed in 2017, As Within is a hub for inspirational content, extraordinary Eco Tours, Health & Yoga Retreats plus Online Yoga and Meditation.  

As Within complete well-being from the inside out, helping you shine your inner light!


Ananya AK

Ananya is a psychology student and freelance writer, passionate about ending the stigma around mental health. She’s also interested in the psychology of bias, persuasion and communication. You can find her on LinkedIn and read about her personal life and the books she reads on her blog.

Sofia Yassine

Sofia Yassine is a freelance writer covering mental health and wellness, travel, spirituality, and special education. Recreationally, she enjoys talking to her succulents, getting lost in nature, and eating her way through new places. You can get in touch with her at https://www.sofiayassine.com/

Martina Joller

Martina is a freelance content writer, blogger and proofreader. She is a self-care and wellness enthusiast and believes that if you want to enjoy life to its fullest, you need to feel good about yourself first. Being a teacher, writer and a mum to young twins keeps her busy and constantly striving to find ways to take care of herself...and then writing about it! In her (non-existent) spare time, she likes to travel, eat, play the piano and sing (preferably in a soundproof box) and find ways to declutter life! Connect with her at www.wordsbymartina.com or follow her blog at www.unclutternutter.com.

Ronald & Petrina Delary-Simpson

Planet Wellness was founded by Petrina and Ronald Delary-Simpson. We specialise in discovering outstanding Wellness through Iridology. We typically help small business owners eliminate brain fog, increase productivity and be more profitable. Planet Wellness Ltd Discovering Outstanding Wellness Through Iridology planetwellnessltd@gmail.com

Founder's Story

Affectionately known as  Yogi and Chef. Lisa and Maurice came together in 2018 to fulfil  a dream of relocating to the Caribbean to  live more naturally, authentically and with a Eco-friendly environment & lifestyle. The joint union of As Within and the Laid-back Experience Dominica supports this vision. 

As we move into 2021 As Within and The LaidBack Experience Dominica extend their services to provide extraordinary Eco-Tours, Health and Yoga Retreats and Adventure holidays in the Caribbean.

With the aim to inspire the well-being of self and the Planet through our own healthy lifestyle, Aswithin.com inspiring content, yoga and meditation courses and holiday packages mindset.

We hope you enjoy the site and we look forward to welcoming you to Dominica in 2021.