Let’s face it.

You’re likely here because you already know you struggle with anxiety – the world’s most prevalent health disorder. You’ve scoured the Internet for ways to reduce your anxiety and stress. Many times.

By now, you have a solid understanding of the root causes of your stress. You value your health and practice positive stress management and well-being routines such as meditation, exercise (such as yoga  or other exercise regime and self-love. These practices add immense value to your life, but you may need to try something new so read on for 7 tips to reduce anxiety and stress


7 Easy Tips for Reducing Anxiety Fast

  1. Vocal toning 

First up on our 7 tips list is vocal toning,  using your voice to produce one-tone sounds which help to balance energy blockages throughout the body.

It might feel strange at first, so try it on your own in a quiet space. 

Start with a simple “mm” or “om”. Repeat for 2 minutes, alternating between high and low tones. Next, practice each of the vowel sounds . The idea is to prolong each sound for as long as your breath will allow. 

Don’t worry about being too structured, just play around and find the combinations that feel best to you.


  1. Earthing

Next on our list of 7 tips to reduce anxiety and stress  is Earthing New age-y with the scientific studies to back it up, earthing is as literal as it sounds. 

All you need to do is get outside, stick your bare feet and hands in the Earth, and enjoy!

Whether at a park, in your yard, or at the beach, Earth-to-extremity contact results in a free flow of electrons that’s been proven to stabilize moods, decrease stress, improve sleep, and even reduce inflammation.

  1. Ecstatic dance

Much of anxiety is built-up energy. 

Dance is a fun, active way to move blocked energy up and out of the body.

When  ecstatic dancing, you allow your body and mind to move freely to the rhythm of music, putting you in a trance-like state. 

Although many people gather to ecstatic dance at festivals, the effects can still be felt from the comfort of your room.

Prior to starting, get yourself nice and comfortable. Wear loose-fitting clothing, light a candle, or diffuse some essential oils. When you’re ready to start your dance party, search for playlists on Youtube, find the songs you vibe with, and simply let your body loose. If you’re into a more communal vibe, search on Instagram for a live ecstatic dance to join.

  1. Mirror conversation

How often do we take the time to truly look at our own reflection?

How often do we give ourselves our own undivided attention?

For most of us, the answer is not very often.

Fourth on our list of 7 tips to reduce anxiety and stress you would be interested to know a mirror conversation combines the gifts of self-reflection and undivided attention. Try this practice when you’re experiencing an overload of mental energy, like thoughts you just can’t seem to shake.

  • Sit or stand in front of a mirror.
  •  Stare into the irises of your eyes. 
  • Take three deep breaths. 
  • Ask yourself, “what do I need right now?”
  • Let the inner dialogue flow until you begin to feel a sense of calm. If you don’t hear anything, just maintain eye contact until you’re ready to…
  • …end your conversation by saying, “I love you” aloud to yourself three times.
  1. Write a brain dump, then destroy it

The benefits of journaling to release anxiety are well-known. 

Getting our incessant worries, lengthy to-do lists, and excess emotions out on paper is both a sacred and therapeutic act. 

But what if you could dump and destroy those looping self-limiting beliefs?

For instant gratification:

  1. Dump your thoughts onto a piece of (preferably biodegradable) paper. Don’t hold back. The more you get out, the better you’ll feel in the end. Write front-to-back if you must, and stop when you’re satisfied.
  2. Now’s the fun part! Release your worries by picking your method of destruction.
  1. Flush. Wait until you need to use the restroom. Take your piece of paper to the toilet. Rip it into tiny pieces, place the pieces in the toilet bowl, and do your business as you normally would. When finished, flush your worries away and wash your hands of them.
  2. Flames. Pick a safe location indoors or outdoors. Bring a bowl of water and an ashtray. Light your paper and watch as your worries go up in flames. Extinguish and safely dispose of the remains.
  1. Make sure to invite aligning new thoughts in place of the dumped ones by reciting a mantra, such as, “I welcome in all nurturing, grounding thoughts aligned with my truest nature, for my highest good.”
  1. Start an herbal regimen

Incorporating herbs into your daily routine is an excellent way to naturally manage stress and anxiety.

The three main groups of herbs to support your well-being are:

  • Nervines: nervous system supporters
  • Adaptogens: intuitive superheroes that provide your body its specific needs
  • Nootropics: boost cognition, motivation, and mental focus

As an added bonus, unlike many synthetic anxiety prescription medications, most herbs have little known side-effects.

Herbs can be taken as tinctures, supplements, tonics, and more. 

A good place to start is with an adaptogen like ashwagandha, since it will naturally attune to your physical and chemical needs – whether that’s stress reduction or an energy boost.

  1. Try EFT

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) involves tapping energy points of the body, acknowledging the issue (physical or emotional) you’re experiencing, and accepting yourself despite the problem.

It’s a common form of psychotherapy used to treat patients with PTSD and anxiety.

The simple 5-step process makes it accessible for people to practice on themselves at home for instant reprieve.

Tapping helps those with chronic anxiety regain a sense of control over their lives and can be practised from anywhere at any time.



Anxiety doesn’t simply disappear. 

It can be chronic, incessant, and overbearing at times. 

But, nobody ever said managing anxiety can’t be a little bit fun.

Maybe anxiety is a call to tune-in. To ask ourselves what our mind, body, or soul needs at that moment. To get to know ourselves on a different level. To love ourselves enough to move through the worry and release the pain. 

What are your favorite tips for releasing anxiety?


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