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Turn your water into something extraordinary and if  you love crystals as much as we do, We are delighted to introduce you to  Gem Water. It is extraordinary and 100% supports healing and rejuvenation! 

A fantastic gift or spoil yourself to this lovely starter set from Plant Therapy.  Its a great introduction to essentials oils and includes classic essential oil fragrances such as Lavender, Lemon and Tea Tree.

As Within inspires complete wellness from the inside out!

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Are you wondering how to start a spiritual journey?

breathing techniques

Guidance for spiritual development

There is a new cliché circulating around which is actually very true and real. We are not human beings on a spiritual experience but spirit beings on a human experience. Developing a meditative practice is key step towards spiritual development. Read our free Meditation and Mindfulness guide to get started!

Wellness Spotlight

Is your lifestyle affecting your health?

Digital detoxing is not a new concept, and considering the current global pandemic can be hard to achieve. Consider this, you are in lockdown, you work from home, after work you are glued to the various other digital media for entertainment, socialising and generally to reduce boredom. Sound healthy to you? A digital detox will do wonders for your mental health and you may discover a hidden talent or hobby, cultivate a relationship with yourself, rediscover books, exercise…well, the list could go on and on!

Healthy Weight Loss

This may sound like a silly question, since the answer may seem obvious. However the latest trends and diet plans currently on the market, are in our view encouraging weight loss as more to do with image and beauty rather than as a Wellness trend.  Weight gain generally is a lifestyle issue (there a medical/age and factors that can and will contribute to your weight gain. Successfully losing weight takes patience, consistency, resilience and healthy eating patterns.  It’s about balance and in no way easy. Losing weight is not just about being able to fit into a size 4 but more about being healthy on the inside too. It is a lifestyle change which incorporates eating correctly, exercise and loving yourself through the journey. 

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Do you want to start a meditation practice but don't know how?

Join the ‘Master your Mind’  meditation course, it’s perfect for beginners 

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As Within inspires complete wellness from the Inside Out